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10$ views will get you 2500 hits on your video, now that starts to look pretty good while still retaining your indie vibe. It is a good strategy to gradually increase your views with our 10$ marketing service on social media networks like Youtube. That way it will look natural. Buy a little bit more views every time you release a new video, and soon you will have a fan base of thousands of viewers and subscribers, on your way to 10$ fame.

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If your budget is 50$ views, the closest of our package that we would recommend in respect to your budget is our $75 package for 25 000 views. Sure you can get 100 Youtube views by refreshing your browser window right after uploading your video (up to 300 before the count freezes actually), we are all aware of this trick. But having 25 000 views or your video will seriously take your professionalism to the next level and help your career . 50$ fame today, 1 million dollar fame tomorrow!

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