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Have you recently launched a brand new Facebook Fan Page and need a kick start to get more likes before you share it with your friends? You’ve come to the right place. We offer 5$ Facebook Likes and 5$ Facebook Fans to our clients because we believe that everyone should be able to afford a little boost in likes to improve their credibility on Facebook. Not everyone wants to look like an international superstar and buy 100 000 000 Facebook Likes. Sometimes 100 Facebook Likes or 100 fans is all you need to look more credible online, especially if you are an independent local artist or business. Buy 100 Facebook likes for 5$ today!



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10$ Facebook Likes | 10$ Facebook Fans (250)

Ten dollars still fits anyone’s budget and get you more for your money. Spending $10 marketing on social media can achieve fame in the long run, as this will attract new fans that will share your content with even more of their friends. Buy now for $10 and watch your likes and fans grow naturally afterwards.

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Some social media marketing agency will charge you up to $100 for this service. We believe that buying 500 likes or 500 fans is the first step to success on Facebook. It tells your new visitors that you have a strong local following or fan base, and that you are ready to take your business to the next level, soon reaching thousands of likes and fans for only $20 marketing spend.


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Our closest package to give you 50$ fame on Facebook would be the 30 dollars for 1000. Save yourself $20! 1000 Facebook fans is often all you need to start being likes by other users. Fame and marketing on social media networks is a gradual journey so feel free to buy small packages on a regular basis to grow your fame gradually; this will look more natural.

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Why buy 100 Facebook likes for 5$? Likes are the way Facebook users measure your success. Having less than 100 likes on your fan page looks bad and make you look non-legit, or recently established. People want to do business with professional, established online business only, and will not give you their time , interest, or money if you look too new to the industry. Buying 100 Facebook likes is perfect is you are a local business, like a coffee shop, it make you look on top of the game when it comes to your Facebook marketing while still retaining that indie charm that a lot of people like.


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