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5$ Fame: Mission

Want more Facebook likes and fans, Twitter followers, Youtube views and Instagram Followers? Got $5 dollars? Deal Done! At Five Dollar Fame our mission is to provide the best social media 5$ marketing services and 5$ social media fans at a price that everyone can afford: only $5!

100% Guaranteed

Not only our services come at a price that no one can resist, they also come with a 100% Money-Back and 100% Retention Guarantee. In the unlikely event that the likes, fans, followers or views would drop, we redeliver free of charge.

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5$ Social Media Marketing

5$ marketing: Fame for five dollars has seen its beginnings in 2010, when online entrepreneur created websites that sell marketing services at a price that anyone can afford: only 5$. Soon the already popular market of buying social fans, views, followers and likes took advantage of this great idea. Everyone wants more 5$ social media fans on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram, and everyone can afford them at this price. 5 dollar fame is giving everyone a chance to stay in the social media fame game and look more credible online.

Everyone needs more credibility on social media platforms, whether you are an artist, musician, brand or business. These days credibility is measured in numbers on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram. When starting out everyone faces the same problem: how to get your first fans or viewers and get the ball rolling? Everyone knows that having lots of followers brings more people in and generate interest, the same way that a busy restaurant attracts more walk-ins than an empty restaurant. This concept is called ‘Social Proof’. It’s been around for centuries and more than ever now your social media marketing social proof is how people measure your success

All the most successful celebrities and businesses have something in common: they all bought a lot of 5$ Facebook Likes and Fans, Twitter and Instagram Follower and Youtube Views. Increasing your numbers on social media platforms is the best online marketing strategy than anyone can implement and at the amazing price of 5$ (also 10$ 20$ 50$ 100$), you can kick start your social media popularity and be on your way to online fame. For only five dollars, what are you waiting for? Buy Now!

Why 5$ Marketing?

Spending 5$ is a great way to kick start your website or online presence but 10$ fame will take you twice as far. As most beginners will only have maximum $20 marketing budget, those who are serious about their business and the ones in competitive markets will have to raise the bar higher than this. Spending 50$ or 100$ on social media marketing is just the beginning; some will even have to spend those amount or more weekly to remain competitive in their industry. We can help you along the way, whether you are working on an independent website or doing marketing for your company’s website with 100 or more employees. Contact us today and we will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.